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Bridgespan Ltd provides a complete service for all your bridge requirements. Whether it is a temporary or permanent bridge or a bespoke engineering solution such as our Train Cleaners we will discuss and engineer a solution that works and is cost effective.

Stowmarket Cycle Bridge

Client: Suffolk Highways Contracting
Project: New pedestrian footbridge
Contractor: Bridgespan
Location: Stowmarket
Value: £56,000

This project was for the design, supply and installation of a foot/cycle bridge in Stowmarket. The main contract was completed by Suffolk County Council and their framework contractor. Bridgespan designed the footbridge to the council’s specification, then fabricated and installed it on to foundations provided by others. We were involved from the start date on site and coordinated events for successful installation. The project was completed on time and to budget.

Stainland Temporary Bridge

Client: Carillion
Project: Temporary Road Bridge
Contractor: Bridgespan
Location: Halifax
Value: £14,000

Innovative solutions were developed to meet all the clients requirements. The bridge was on one of the main trunk roads in to Halifax and had to maintain at least one way traffic during the construction phase. The demolition sequence was therefore critical to maintain traffic flow.

Bridgespan were involved from tender stage and worked with the client to understand the project requirements. They came up with an innovative design that allowed Carillion to transfer the traffic onto a temporary bridge to allow demolition of 50% of the existing bridge structure. The bridge also supported the existing bridge deck during the demolition and reconstruction phase.

West Dock Bridge

Client: HBPW Consulting Ltd
Project: Bridge Footway Load Test
Location: Goole
Value: £1,250

The West Dock bridge was in need of refurbishment and repainting and the support steelwork on the footpath walkway was in need of strengthening work due to corrosion. HBPW Consulting chose to test the walkway rather than try to prove the steelwork with calculations. They required the walkway to be loaded with a minimum of 5KN per m2 and if possible to over load it to 7.5KN per m2.

BridgeSpan supported HBPW by installing Traffic Management on major through road Bridge Street. ATC developed the idea of incrementally loading the walkway with block paving thereby allowing measurements of the cantilever deflection to be recorded.

The tests were successful – resulting in the client saving hundreds of thousands of pounds in maintenance costs.

Bridge Over The River Mole

Client: Burhill Estates
Project: Road bridge
Contractor: Bridgespan and ATC Ltd
Location: Walton on Thames
Value: £147,000

For this project Bridgespan teamed up with A Torn Construction Ltd to provide the client with innovative solutions to enable them to complete the works. The Main Contract was to replace an existing road bridge that had become unsafe. The clients operations were not to be interrupted during the works and additionally there were Environmental considerations which had to be met, specifically that the flood plain should not be affected.

We worked for over 18 months on the project developing the scheme and negotiating with the Environment Agency (EA) to ensure that all the criteria was met. The project was then completed within approx 3 months.

Cinderford Temporary Bridge

Client: BGCL
Project: Temporary Road Bridge
Contractor: Bridgespan
Location: Cinderford
Value: £12,000

The client needed acces across a small stream for construction of a new road. The bridge needed to be able to take 60T loads from a piling rig. Access was difficult across a green field site so mobile cranes could not access the area.

The bridgespan team designed the bank seats for the bridge for the client to construct. The simplicity of our bridge design accommodates the required load and allows installation in one day utilising an excavator for the crane.

The client was extremely happy with the economical costs of the bridge and extended the hire for over a year.

Train Cleaners

The Train Cleaner was developed to solve a long standing issue for companies who use rail links to transport bulk products. As a result of the loading process surplus material on top of the train can become dislodged and cause problems on the main lines and the points.

Key product features

  • Designed to suit single or multiple lines
  • Bespoke cleaning flap design
  • Gantry platform access for easy maintenance

Clear Advantages

  • Funding sources may be available
  • A costly problem solved with an economical solution
  • Bespoke design and installation service
  • Easily installed under a green zone in a single possession (for single train cleaners)
  • Economical to maintain between train movements

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